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Phone data that you can easily remember

Gold numbers are suitable for anyone who likes originality and looking for a phone contact that gets stuck in memory! Our service is suitable for private individuals and business entities! Believe that you will have a contact that will become your treasure. Choose from many different combinations that we have prepared for you on our website.
Investments that you will not regret
If you are looking for a telephone contact that is original, memorable and unmistakable with the others? Open our website and choose your VIP number! This will make your phone information completely original. Moreover, it is an investment that pays off in the future! It's your contact that you can offer for sale after years. It is golden, therefore it does not lose its value!

Professional service

Would you like to know how the façade insulation is actually taking place before you get into it? If you have a family house, then it should be commonplace. If you live in a panel apartment and you have an extra rented, then you won't do much. You just need to hire a company and it will take care of everything and you will not be more limited.
The whole procedure
Companies specializing in façade insulation know exactly how to do it. For them, it is no longer a science. They get an assigned house, no matter whether it is a family house or a panel house full of flats. It surrounds it with a whole scaffolding that will allow them to get to the greatest heights. It adjusts the exterior surface of the house and adds an insulating component to it, thanks to which the whole process works. Then they rethink the house and you're done.


When Philip and Matej were rediscovered in the rustic kitchen of Philip's mother in less than ten minutes, the next voice of the family welcomed them: Philip's stepfather returned from work and immediately stretched his hand to Matthew to introduce himself. Philip looked hopefully at his mother, who had sent him an airy kiss and gave him and his friend to sit at the table. Francis, Philip's father, he asked Matě's about everything possible; What parents are doing, where Matěj is studying where he met Philip.
Meeting at the University
Matěj has no reason to play the netykavku, so he speaks about his mother, who is a lawyer at one foreign firm, about his father, who lectures at the University of Literature. The university is the place where he met Philip. But while Filip studies at the Faculty of Art of Classical art, Matěj is a philosophical faculty.

Even new ones may not be ideal

We all know it. Even if you have made a suggestion of your kitchen, and thought that you have done everything in the last detail, you will always find something wrong in the end. Whether it's the distribution of individual sectors, the height of the worktop, the interior arrangement of cabinets, lighting or faucets. The height of the worktop is difficult to change, but it is not quite a problem to change the faucet or add lighting. After some time, however, you may come to the fact that another kitchen door wanted it.
The new look simply
In this case we will gladly help you with the adaptation of your line. In our stencil you will definitely choose from a large number of colors and patterns. Our products are economical, but we pay attention to the high quality of the door. Moreover, for us it is not a problem to create everything tailored to your liking.

Trust the company of Buchara and get what you want

If you need a quality partner from whom you can get modern carpets both for decoration and for investment, Buchara is the best choice for you. In our offer are only high quality products, with which you will surely be satisfied and you will not cooperate with our company regret. That's why we've earned a very good name and status on the market, and you don't have to worry about failing to meet all our obligations and responsibilities. In addition, we will always advise you on any of your problems and selections to get the products you have been looking for. For further information, please check our website or contact us by other means.
Our suppliers are of high quality
Another guarantee that we have a really high quality carpet in our offer is also that we cooperate with companies that are also one of the most in their field. All our suppliers also have a good name and all the products they supply are exactly what we want. That's why you can always rely on our business.

Ketogenic diet – Deliverance from a vicious circle

Do you have a firm will-you endure hunger, divide your diet, eat weeks of cabbage soup for the vision of a beautiful figure, lose weight and in a few weeks or months all the effort is gone? There is a solution for which you do not need to starve or suffer from irresistible tastes for sweet or unhealthy foods, although without sacrifice it does not, of course, you will simply have to devote your favorite pants to a friend in a few weeks, never Will not fit. Your body is a miracle machine that you can with a ketogenic diet for a short learn to burn your own fats at the expense of receiving carbohydrates.
Just another lifestyle
Are your pants getting tightest, you feel that your diet is not the right one, you feel often tired, even if you do not do much? Just try to change your lifestyle for a few weeks, try a ketosis-based program in which your body automatically burns long-stored fats in a few days, you will feel the tide of energy, and within two weeks you'll see changes to the character not only you But also your surroundings.

Make a thick and long hairstyle

Almost every woman who currently has his mane up to the waist has extended hair from Prague! Today, more and more women are still using this astonished method, eager for change. The one from us is truly radical. If you have problems with breakness and non-growth, the extension is a great choice for you. Choose our salon and make the change you're waiting for all your life!
Beautiful and dense curls
Do you desire to have long thick hair? Nowadays it is quite easy to come to them. Believe it or not, but most celebrities, models and girls who have their mane over the waist use the services of hairdressing salons. Take advantage of one of our unique methods and let your head create beautiful curls that will become your pride. See photos of changed ladies on our website.

Functional and storage space

It is not long ago that office furniture is just an unsighted piece of necessary equipment, without which you must be in the administrative position. Gone are Monty and Unnice cabinets, inconvenient and few large tables with just a few drawers. Today it is a type of equipment that meets the highest requirements in terms of material and use.
Models for Everyone
With the possibilities of the current market, each of you literally has the opportunity to find a series or just the type of design you will like. There are many dimensional variants, but also design designs, and since the price is still very important, the orientation in this segment will allow you to make meaningful names of the types that pre-determine which traffic they are suitable for, or which user is most suited. Thus, if you choose from a range of managers, it is not expected that the same solution would be suitable for the classic production operation somewhere in the hall. And in it lies the exceptionality and wide dispersion of the selection, which was not previously possible and today it is for granted.

Practical help for the warmth of your home

If you are looking for convenient and high quality carpet types that will help you to diversify the interiors in your rooms and rooms, anywhere, but you also want to help you with your quality, you are very well and only you can find it with us. Our offered types of this graceful comfort are in such a perfect quality that they even warm you up in the winter. It is really practical help, for warmth not only in your housing.
Help with them anywhere
Just with our carpets, you can help, completely anywhere. They are very beautiful and quality, practical even in such composition of all different kinds of designs, that you can help them very versatile. You can choose their beautiful image in the form of colors and combinations of colors, what are associated with motifs and with patterns, many kinds, but also choose their materials and dimensions.

Come to us even on weekends

We are driving school Prague and we have been available for novice drivers since 1992. Our employees are only trained and checked by professionals who are armoured with patience, calm, but above all experience.
Modern vehicles you will like
Of course, the materials needed for your training can be borrowed for free. You will be here to ride in Nice modern cars and on nice and modern motorbikes. You will get a driving licence for any group as needed. Discounts are received by students but also by pensioners. If you are not a student and not even a pensioner and still would appreciate the better price of our trainings, you can take advantage of our discounts in the winter months. Come to learn to drive to us in driving school Prague and you will be pleased how quickly and well you will be able to drive soon.