There was once a king who feared in his castle. He was afraid of everything.  Everything for him was evil. He was afraid of his fear, that was a terrible man. He did honor his name, and he feared his shadow. His wife, she had no idea how to give him courage. She summoned various councils, but none of the solutions occurred. She called herself a grandmother's spice, the herb against fear, she gave the king a drink. The King is sad and trembling with fear, with enthusiasm he lights up.
Fear overcome
Thanks to the herb, a moment of fear was lost, the king called the company. Thoughtfully, the staff then said, "I am afraid of the horsehair in this castle and from the view of the garden." The installer thought, the solution was immediately invented. He mounted the king to the castle, on each window of outdoor blinds. The king is easier to live with, he drinks his coffee in peace with the Queen. They have a tremendous joy, the King's fear is overcome.