Can be good or bad. The bad ones will be recognized right away, and their tricks are immediately over and their behaviour is not enchanting. For those good you need a little more time to be presented in all its glory.

When we remember our children's summers, what professions did we like and would we want to do in the future? I think of an astronaut, a policeman, an actor, a singer, a teacher, a pilot, a stuntsman, but also a magician. The Magician and many others (actor, singer, comedian, Mim…) have the most difficult work, posing in front of people, and this requires a large dose of courage. The magician, if he spoil his performance, can forever break his reputation and eat many others.

Risk Profession

We meet risky and dangerous professions today and daily, for example. He has a responsible, often ungrateful, but also uplifting and popular job. Especially when he likes it.