Pleasant sitting in the winter garden
The Winter gardens are a very desirable complement to the newly built building, but they are also extensively purchased for older reconstructions and remake. But what is certain-they are becoming more popular. More and more people seem that summer is short, but moving behind it? That's useless. Just take a comfortable armchair, a good book and a tasty tea. Leave the rest quietly to us.
Sitting with friends in the Winter garden
As we have already mentioned, Winter Gardens are increasingly in the viewfinder of homeowners. Where else can one best be used? And you love to stay in the garden for long winter evenings, but you don't want to sit there in the feather jacket? And most importantly-you want a new space for it so that you can spend more time with your friends? Look at us.
Nine selection points
To make this difficult for you, we have prepared nine points, practical questions to ask when choosing a winter garden.